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Ignorance of the Knowledge Society

June 28, 2010

During the recent visit of Dr. Fabian Ciarlotti (Argentina), invited by the Swasthaveda group that works at Calvo Mackenna Hospital in Santiago de Chile, to give the talk of Ayurveda and the Mind, on June 11 & 12, 2010 I think they are giving the conditions to start a conversation about Ayurveda and its potential to help heal the People in our Society.

I say People, her soul saddened by the imbalances of the mind control, all of which cause symptoms that manifest as illness and disease in the physical or gross body. I say Society, because all sick people produce a sick society, which also deserves a cure.

In the AyurvedaHoy Network, indian, american, spains and latinamerican Ayurveda doctors brings together to which we add the bulky presence of relevant chilean health professionals (doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, biochemical) and related areas (agronomists, social workers, sociologists … architects …) interested in Ayurvedic knowledge.

This leads to a first question for this discussion: Who are we? or rather, What are we really?

It isn´t simple to answer, because it involves understanding the structure of Being, and how to characterizes our being in particular defined at birth under the astrological influences, according to the physical characteristics of our parents and their love affair at the time of … design, all of which define a particular doshic feature.

Then we see that as a sin-equa-non condition, is the need to understand our physical but also our mental “normal” constitution, which it define a standard for our bio-spiritual being, in evolution.

But that is not enough because in the game of the mind and its constant activity, provokes thoughts and desires that may lead to uncontrolled doshic imbalance that alters the perception of our Self. Then it is recommended that our analysis are endorsed by those who know us intimately, such as spouse, friend or doctor. Why? To see what extent we are “unbalanced” … maybe not yet “sick”, which allows us to act on prevention, promoting the health of our being.

But, why some people may have a better sense of his being, balancing, health and others not? I think this is the Key to Ayurveda, may sound as “to understand our mission in this life”, as constituent parts of the universe, or organs of the Whole or God to which we must “service”. Sure, we have free will within a certain range, which allows right or wrong in the acceptance of certain “truths.”

Then the first thing that awakens in us, once understood our bio-spiritual type, it is to know our mission and how we can evolve. Here again we have free will to choose the spiritual path, for example.

In any case, for finding the answer to our mission we must considering our family, our growth environment, our relationships, our education, but essentially our value knowledge and training … enriched with age to answer to how I can best serve.

Insofar as soon as we identify our mission and role in life, the sooner we find the happiness of the soul and the perfect health of body, on the margins of our rightful inheritance karmic agreement with integration to the Supreme Being. Again implementing free will.

Certainly, Ayurveda is a spiritual science and we must not hide it, those who adequately practice and/or study recognize the existence of spirits and souls in all realms, levels and dimensions, because of our communication with them (songs, prayers, mantras) also depends on the healing of our diseases. Then we accept the presence of spiritual authorities in nature, ranging from simple and natural herbal medicine, the moon (Chandra), the sun (Surya), the stars, the god of medicine Sri Dhanvantari Ayurvedic and all in perfect harmony coordination as organs of the Supreme Personality of Godhead (Krishna).

Then it will not be an act of rebellion or hedonism of Western culture itself, the feel “independent and free” to enjoy according to the dictates of advertising and fashion, that led us to believe that we driver our existence. Vital existence that occurs in a flash of time, in the little world we call Earth (Mother Earth or Matru Bhumi). I dare say that, more than anything that apparent independence and freedom is … ignorance (Tamas). So we can understand and suggest the cause of our intimate social disease.

We can therefore understand that not enough to know of the existence of a cure for some pain, either grass or panchakarma massage. It is necessary to explore the intimate understanding we have of our being, to understand exactly who we are and what is our dharma or purpose in life (time) and society (place) that we have to exist (circumstances) in the current society of knowledge. Otherwise, healed the pain, the imbalance still unresolved pour another channel … and if not we learn before our die, we must be born again, repeating the grief and pain.

But recognize in ourselves a Dharma means to begin to understand a deeper reality that will gradually lead us through Artha and Kama targets to self-realization, liberation, or Moksha, and the realization to be a part or organ as a hand, finger or hair of our body, but now as embodied souls to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Ignorance of this society then is based in that its members don’t know what they live, and are enjoying the dormant senses, and our mission is to bring the joy of healthy living with consciousness of Krishna.

Our idea then is to fight against ignorance, but to avoid wasting efforts on this, we must focus on those who demonstrate to practice integrity, humility and non-violence, which are Ayurveda values, starting with ourselves.

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Dr. Miguel Córdova Mercado
Doctor en Ciencias (U. de Chile)
Programa Ayurveda-Today