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Women’s role, according to Ayurveda

September 14, 2010

Below we present the opinion of two authorities on the future of humanity and Mother Earth, which demonstrates the Role of Women in the seizure of power in all areas necessary to confront the radical solutions required today, leading the changes to ensure the permanence of species and where the male must cooperate in a supporting role that should never have left. Dr. Miguel Córdova. Ayurveda-Today Programme.

Part one. To Save Life: Put Women in Power
Leonardo Boff, Theologian. Earthcharter Commission

There is a happy novelty in the current presidential dispute of Brazil: the presence of two women, Marina Silva and Dilma Rousseff. They are different. Each has her own style, but both have unquestionably solid ethics and an understanding of politics as a tool to serve the common good, and not as a means of conquest and use of power, generally, in the service of one’s own vanity or of the elite interests that still dominate the democracy we have inherited.
These two women appeared at a special moment of the history of the country, of humanity and of planet Earth. If we think radically and conclude –as notable cosmologists and biologist have– that the principal subject of our actions is not us, in a superficial anthropocentrism, but the Earth herself, understood as a living super organism, filled with purpose, Gaia, Pachamama and Great Mother, then we could say that it is the Earth who is speaking to us through these two women, calling for our attention, and warning us. These women are the very Earth that cries out; the Earth that feels and is seeking…

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