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November 1, 2010

Dr. Anurag Dikshit, M.D. (Ayu); Keraleeya Panchakarma, Yoga & Marma Chikitsa Specialist, Ayurvedicremedies, Lucknow, India.
Injeet Singh, Indian body massagist, Santiago, Chile.
Dr. Miguel Córdova. PhD (U. de Chile), Santiago, Chile.
Programa Ayurveda-Today. Version: 30.Oct.2010


Ayurveda Medicine is a science whose main strength lies in identifying health imbalaces of people, before they manifest as disease symptoms as defined by the Western concept. This means that the emergence of a disease can be detected as an imbalance in a Western healthy individual, then it is possible to “cure” him by Ayurvedic methods, avoiding the consumption of allopathic drugs would be needed because overflow on the alternative channels causing onset of symptoms. Hence, Ayurveda is a medicine which, seen from a Western perspective, is preventive and his methods and therapies could be considered part of a Health Promotion Programme.

In this perspective, Ayurveda-Today Programme has been laying the groundwork for approaching the definition of a Program of Ayurveda Health Promotion, through studies published in Ayurveda Tutor, starting with the definition of values pillars on which rests Ayurveda, which are Humility, Integrity and Non-violence. With these values highlights the importance of addressing the science of health as an integral practice, starting by Panchakarma, whose main objective is the detoxification of the physical or gross body, and which massage plays a major role.

The future of humanity and Mother Earth, depends heavily on a paradigm shift on the goal of life and the role of women, to facilitate the seizure of power in all areas necessary to confront the radical solutions are needed today, leading the changes to ensure the permanence of species. Ayurveda states a pathway to consider her as a subject of attention, in order to strengthen her role and contribute to social and spiritual change needs for humanity. See The Role of Women, according to Ayurveda.

On this analysis, we must now define how to propose the addition of Ayurveda in Chilean society, from which it follows priority attention to women, starting with the development of Ayurveda massage or Abhyanga services.

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